Our Wedding The link is dead now but this will link up to a few pages showing photographs of our wedding on 27th of March 2010.

Morgan's Stories Again, under construction. Morgan writes the most interesting stories and has become quite a prolific writer. So we have made a space for her to publish these stories and links to other stories she has published on

Douglas's Projects Now and then Douglas makes websites and other applications. Links to those projects will be found here:
Doug Demolisher Webs


The family with a point
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Under Construction

Hold tight we're working on this website.


SpearNet A family orientated website for the Spear family by the Spear family about the Spear family. Since the hosting solution doesn't offer much in the way of dynamic output this website will essentially act as portal to some of our other web stuff. The idea is to eventually create a portfolio of various web creations, blogs, experiments, social website links, contact information, CVs, photo albums and just general brick-a-brac and nicknaks of the virtual world.

This website is a platform for any person who can show a family tie with the Spear family in South Africa. There is already a Spear website out there that has a more international flavour. This site is graciously run by Chris Spear (a distant American relative). I once promised to help him with that site but life has this way of interfering. I have now decided that I need to keep this website up and going before I attempt to get involved with other sites.

- Colin Spear